Saturday, 26 April 2014

PS3 maybe broken

As I was about to finish up the Left Behind DLC for The Last Of Us tonight, the game started losing sound and eventually glitched out completely. After that my PS3 just stopped recognizing any discs in the drive. The Last Of Us disc may have suffered some heat damage but I'm not sure because the rippling is present under one of my lamps but not the other.

A forum post recommended repairing the file system, but that didn't work. I backed up all my data and now I'm waiting on a full reformat, which should finish in the morning (estimated at nine and a half hours, ugh). If that doesn't work then I'm looking at a hardware problem, which would suck completely. I got the PS3 used and I bought it over a year ago, so no matter how you look at it I've got no warranty claim, so if the reformat doesn't work I might try opening it up to see if anything looks obviously damaged.

Really hope I don't have to replace the whole system, especially when I'm mostly done with PS3 games anyway.

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