Wednesday, 19 June 2013

No review, but board game!

I don't have a review to post this week. I'm 20 hours into Borderlands 2, but that's not far enough, and I haven't even started on the DLC mission packs yet. That review should go up next week.

The reason I don't have a review is because I've been working on another project that's taken up a decent chunk of my time: I'm making a board game! It's called North - it's a co-operative game with elements of exploration and survival, where you work together to rescue friends and family from monsters in the icy north.

I've started a development blog, which you can find here, where I'm writing about the game design process. I'm pretty much done with a very rough alpha prototype which I'll be testing solo before I start adding some of the more complex elements.

Check out North - hopefully it's cool enough for you to forgive me for this week's lack of review.

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