Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

This isn't a full review, because I couldn't get the game working enough to play past the first level. Instead, consider it a warning.

First thing I noticed when starting up the game's tutorial segment is that the controls the game told me are wrong, and a bunch of them didn't seem to work. For example, the text tells me to use mouse 2 to bring up the squad command menu (known as the cross-com), but right click is actually bound to sighting. I opened the controls menu to find out what the command menu was actually bound to; it told me to press 1, 2, or 3 to select a squadmate, and F1 through F4 to give commands. Well, the F keys don't work, and when I select a squadmate, the cross-com menu shows up - except I can't figure out how to actually use any of the commands.

Some digging around on the internet reveals a couple of fixes to the cross-com. First thing I tried is to replace a line in the settings.xml file, but that didn't work. Next I verified game cache through Steam, and hooray, cross-com commands work! Well... all of them except the follow command, anyway. But that's not so bad, right?

Actually, yeah, it is, because your three squadmates won't move at all unless you tell them to follow (which doesn't work) or manually move them a few metres at a time.

This is a game built around squad commands, in which the squad commands don't work

I think I'll skip it and try the sequel, which by all accounts actually works, and is a better game anyway.

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