Friday, 17 August 2012

Tips: Skip the Mann vs. Machine Queue

Having a hard time getting into a Mann vs Machine server? Experiencing wait times of 40 minutes or more? Try this method, originally posted by HotShot88 on the TF2 Steam forum:

EDIT: this no longer works.

"I'm quite tired of "OMFG VALVE GREEDY ASSES NOT LETTING ME PLAY" threads and posts.

Do this:
Server list
Show only mvm_ maps
DON'T disable servers that have no players or are full - it displays the current amount of players incorrectly.

Now let's focus only on servers with max 6 or 32 players, depending if they are correctly configured.

Don't instantly try to join them, just right click, View Server Info and see how many players are actually there on the players list. Disregard the class names, because these are bots (note: bot names may also have prefixes like Giant, Rapid Fire or a custom name like Heavyweight Champ, you should know their names from the mvm page)

If there are less than 6, copy the IP, open console and type in connect, press space bar, paste IP, press enter. You will be unable to join normally if a server has max 6 players, because it'll show up as 31/6 players, considering it full, but doing it through console will let you in. Check every server with max 6 or 32 players, no matter what is displayed as the current number of players.

There, you just jumped over a long queue

Please don't join when there are 6 players already. You can, and you will spectate, but you're limiting the amount of bots that can spawn

I'd appreciate a bump if you're reading this, hopefully this will help some people and they'll have a chance to play."

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