Saturday, 7 July 2012

Comment Moderation

I've had a couple of people ask me about this, so I thought I'd explain in a post for everyone who's interested.

If you've commented on the site, you've likely noticed that comments are submitted for moderation before they can become visible on the relevant page.  If you've been wondering why I moderate comments on my blog, you may be surprised to know that it's not to filter out trolls or differing opinions. I actually enjoy a good debate over the qualities of a game, and comments that disagree with my review can offer interesting counterpoints (as long as they remain civil and rational).

Nope, the actual reason I've been moderating my comments is spam.

Fortunately I don't get very much, but it's just enough that I much prefer deleting the bad ones before they're posted than having it sit on my page until I see it. 
Here are some of the types of posts I've had, the kind which I delete before they see the light of the comment section. Some of these may not technically qualify as spam, but I explain my reasons for deleting a post below each example.

"I like your blog. You should check out my site: [link]"
You know what? Maybe your site is really interesting and well made. Maybe I'd really like it. That's entirely possible. However, the comment section of my Metro 2033 review is not the place to ask me what I think of your site.

"Nice Guild Wars 2 post. If you're interested in trading GW2 items, check out this link: [link]"
This one at least acknowledged the content of the article. However, like the previous point, my article about the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist is not the place to advertise a trading post.

"This is f***ing bulls*** this game is amazing/awful you dont know anything noob"
If you had managed to restrain yourself from swearing and actually posted a logical argument, your comment would have been approved. When you act like an angry immature child, your comment will be deleted.

"[shortened link]"
Nope, not going to click on a mystery link from an anonymous poster, nor do I want my readers to do so.

"You should check out product X."
@#$& off.

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