Saturday, 28 April 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta: badass swamp battle

So I was exploring the swamps near Divinity's Reach, and I found this researcher investigating the ruins of the Temple of the Ages. Cool! I went for a swim and found some of the remaining statues of the gods.

The researcher needs help, because the area is unstable and portals to the Underworld keep opening up. This makes a lot of sense to Guild Wars Prophecies players, because the Temple of the Ages was the gateway to the Underworld. I set about closing the portals, and fighting the occasional aatxe that slipped through. Those guys were a little scary.

Eventually, hooray! Enough portals have been closed that the researchers are safe. But wait, what's this? A huge shadow forms in the centre of the swamp, more portals blast open, and this huge shadow behemoth appears! It seems that closing the portals angered this massive beast, and now all players in the area need to team up to fight it as it tries to reopen portals three at a time.

Our group of maybe 20 players fought furiously and valiantly. Dozens of shadow creatures poured through the portals, so we had to fight a battle on three fronts: we had to make sure the shadow beasts didn't get us; we had to close the portals; and we had to watch out for the behemoth's attacks and damage it over time as well. It was an epic fight: players struggled to stay on their feet, firestorms and turrets and lightning blasts were everywhere... awesome.

And you know what the craziest part is? This is just a random event triggered by players. It's not a huge plot boss. It's just a thing that can happen sometimes.

And then the darkness cleared up and the swamps looked almost pretty.

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