Wednesday, 7 March 2012

TF2 weapon idea: the Perilous Pointer

Here's a rather silly weapon concept I came up with for the Soldier:

His finger.

The Soldier's index finger is either a shotgun or melee replacement. I lean towards melee because it's awfully weak compared to the shotgun or the banners, but the utility is a little high for a melee slot. Anyway.

He holds his index finger pointed menacingly at his enemies. Upon firing, he jabs his finger forward accusingly and shouts MAGGOT! If an enemy is in the crosshair, that enemy is marked for death (like the Fan O War) and takes minicrits for ten seconds. If the Soldier actually hits an enemy with the prod, it deals 1 point of damage. It should have a recharge meter that lasts ten seconds, so the Soldier can't mark more than one enemy at a time.

This is a further extension of the commander sub-role that's been developed by the banners and the whip. It gives the Soldier another way to help out his teammates: calling targets. Plus, it would be ridiculously humiliating to kill an enemy with a 1-point prod. Also a Worms reference.

What do you think? Balanced? Unbalanced? Can you come up with a better name?

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