Monday, 26 March 2012

Modlight: Finish your Guild Wars cartographer titles with Texmod

If you're a Guild Wars player who's working on your Hall of Monuments to unlock all the bonuses in Guild Wars 2, you might be looking to finish off your Cartographer titles. They're some of the most time-consuming titles to earn in the game... but what if it could be easier?

Texmod is a popular mod application. It works by overlaying textures to get the desired effect. With Guild Wars, one of the available options is to change the textures of your in-game map, making the unexplored fog a solid colour and therefore much easier to find.
I had done almost all of my Cartographer titles without Texmod, but nearing the end I found that there were just a few fractions of percentage points I'd missed here and there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the unexplored areas on my map with the default fog, which is just a little blurry and is really hard to spot if you're looking for a tiny portion. With Texmod running, I realized that by scraping the walls on every map, I'd missed a few bits in the centre of some maps, and was able to quickly travel there and clear up the last bits of fog.

Some members of the community frown on using Texmod to get your Cartographer titles, but if you're up against that last 1% and you just can't find it, this is the tool for you.

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