Sunday, 12 February 2012

TF2 Medigun idea: the Class Act

I originally posted this on the Steam TF2 forum.

One thing I find lacking with the existing Ubercharges in TF2 is that the vast majority of the time, it's a stupid idea to use your Uber on any class other than the Soldier or Demo (sometimes Pyro or Heavy).

The Class Act is a Medigun that grants a unique effect to each different class, reinforcing an existing strength to extremes. The uber would last for about the normal duration, but charges much quicker since it leaves the patient and Medic vulnerable (like the Kritzkrieg). This Uber would be a powerful utility that can adapt to many different situations and can be used many times in a round. It would also encourage Medics to use their Uber on many different classes over the round as the situation calls for it.

A new visual would be required; maybe instead of + symbols coming out of the target, the target would emit large class symbol particles to show that an existing strength has been boosted.

The following are examples of the kinds of effects that could be used. If you can think of better ones, then by all means, let me know!

Scout: enemies are flagged for all teammates for duration of uber
Pyro: afterburn applied during uber cannot be extinguished and applies to buildings
Soldier: increased speed and blast radius on rockets fired during uber
Demoman: grenades/stickies become proximity triggered and fire faster during uber (use offensively, or defensively to set up a proxy trap)
Heavy: penetrating bullets for duration of uber (minicrits?)
Engineer: sentry fire rate and knockback increased, unlimited ammo during uber
Medic: fills target's Ubercharge
Sniper: primary weapon charges instantly for duration of uber
Spy: backstab radius is increased, sappers placed during uber cannot be removed

The only potential problem I can foresee is that you'd have to either:
a) play with it and figure out what it does to every class
b) have a very long item description

What do you think? Would you like to see something like this in game?


  1. This is amazing! It promotes teamwork and I love the idea entirely! I think this would make the game very interesting and be almost a game-changer for the medic. No more tanking, now things get interesting!

    1. I also like the way that this would encourage more strategy and teamwork. I feel like it'd be a little difficult to balance but then again, an uber doesn't last that long. My primary concern would be to make the effect that the player experiences when this is used on them very distinct from the tradition uber. I cite this as a concern because currently when the quick fix is used on a player, it is easy for that player to think that they have a full uber and then rush out and get themselves killed.