Sunday, 5 February 2012

Heavy needs more heavy weapons!

One thing that's bothered me about the Heavy updates in TF2 is that he only ever gets miniguns. I guess the Tomislav is a bit different, but functionally it's just a number tweak. The thing is, he's the Heavy Weapons Guy, not the Minigun Guy.

What other heavy weapons could we give the Heavy Weapons Guy? Try to include some stat speculation!
Check out the Steam forum discussion here.
Keep in mind that you want to preserve the Heavy's class role -- high damage at close range and strong ability for suppressive fire and intimidation. You also don't want him to infringe on other classes, so rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers would require some serious thought at best (at worst you shouldn't even bother).

One possibility, and the only one I can think of, is the portable anti-aircraft cannon. Statistically what I'd like is a similar firing speed to the Minigun, but only one shell per unit of ammo, and it'd be a hitscan explosive. Small radius, slightly more accurate than the minigun, moderate knockback. So rather than just dealing straight up damage, the Heavy could have a small degree of area control, potentially moving enemies around the battlefield a bit with good aim.

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