Sunday, 27 November 2011

News: Layout + Giveaways!

Hello readers! For the first time, I'm addressing you directly!

As you may have noticed, I've been tinkering with layout changes recently. Things will likely continue to change bit by bit, but there won't be anything drastic -- mostly minor, functional stuff.

More importantly: giveaways! Lots of successful blogs do giveaways. I want to be a successful blog. Therefore, I should do giveaways! (I'm aware that that's not entirely logical, but whatever, free stuff!)

Starting at an indeterminate point in the future (likely when I get a job and have a bit of cash to spare), I'll sometimes do a giveaway for a game I've reviewed. I'll probably try to tie it to the current review of the week more often than not, but there might be random stuff too.

Here's how that will work: all giveaways will be done through Steam. You MUST have a Steam account if you want to win a free game. There will be no restrictions on country of residence, unless of course the game in question is not available to users in your region. I haven't yet decided on the criteria of the giveaways. Probably I'll do a random selection from the participants, but maybe I'll also do some specific contests.

I'm aware that this post is a little short on specifics, but oh well. That information will arrive when it's ready.

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